CertVeri specializes in providing electronic verification services of certificates that complies with the directions of the United Nations for Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), utilizing state-of-art ICT solutions for the advancement of education. CertVeri, under the umbrella of education and ICT synergy, contributes to the improvement of organizational and managerial practices in terms of certificates processing administration that ensures compliance with organizational and institutional policies at the organizations and institutions using the CertVeri system.


“We believe in people’s right for protecting their successes through the prevention of certificates’ fraud…”

Certveri Overview

Cetrtveri is a new leading Certificates’ Verification System that aims to provide an efficient technological solution for education. It’s main purpose is to help system users to prevent fraud of certificates, to ensure certificates’ (in)validation and provide a data repository for archived and documented certificates.

This system works as a universal portal that provides a secure and reliable access to all its users (educational institutions, students, and employers, etc...) to (in)validate certificates.



  • Prevention of certificates fraud
  • Increase certificates credibility
  • Increase certificates issuance reliability
  • Enhance educational organizations business image
  • Build professional business model Integration


Target Users

  1. Educational organizations (universities, colleges, Institutes, schools…etc.)
  2. Training organizations (training centers, vocational training centers…etc.)


For Educational and Training Organizations

  • Enhance quality assurance
  • A combination of technology and processes to help institutions integrate certificates issuance system
  • Join the global Certveri community members
  • Further enforces the reputation of the institution, as well as, its credibility
  • Increase the quality of services delivered to students and firms

For Students

  • Protects their successes from fraud
  • Helps them have their certificates available, electronically
  • Get valuable advantage in job interviews

For Employers

  • Get instant verification for job seekers’ certificates


Download CertVeri Brochure (PDF)