About CertVeri membership

Membership is a gateway through which CertVeri community members can join and use the system. To become a member you should fulfil the membership requirements and complete the membership application. The moment a membership is approved, a member will receive access information and other useful membership and system usage information.


Membership Types:

  • Basic Membership.
  • Advanced Membership.
  • Per-Certificate Membership.
Advantages Basic
Maximum no of certificates upload Up to 500 /year Unlimited Unlimited
Certificate of Membership / Partnership
Welcome letter
Marketing materials in PDF format in CD (Posters-Brochures-logos - Presentation)
CertVeri membership logo usage
Log-in access to the system with special account
CertVeri System Operation Course (four hours)
Technical Support
Registration on registered members directory
Discount on all CertVeri events when applicable


Membership Requirements


Apply for membership

Membership application needs between 3 to 5 working days to be processed. You may expect to hear from us within 10 working days from your application date submission. Please note that not attaching required documents may cause delays in processing your application.


Download Membership Form